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Learn from our e-TIGER teachers who are experts in special education law. Each course is designed to teach you core knowledge of subjects ranging from records to assessments to due process.

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Ines Kuperschmit

Inés Kuperschmit co-founded Learning Rights Law Center together with Janeen Steel in 2005. Between May 2006 and October 2018, Ines served Learning Rights Law Center as Deputy Director, Board Member, and Co-Executive Director for Management and Operations. 
Ines started her career as a Skadden Fellow at Public Counsel, where she represented youth in the juvenile justice and foster care system who suffer from mental health problems or developmental disabilities. Ines enjoys teaching as much as she does lawyering, having taught a graduate course at Antioch University and co-teaching the Education Law Clinic at UCLA School of Law.  She also co-taught the USC Special Education Advocates Training Program (SEAT), which aims to increase and professionalize special education advocacy in California, and eventually nationwide.
Inés was born in Argentina and raised in Washington, D.C. She graduated from the UCLA School of Law in 2002 where she was in the Epstein Program for Public Interest Law and Policy (PILP).  She received her bachelor of arts degree with high honors from the University of Virginia. Inés enjoys political activism, community development, and exploring Los Angeles with her four children.

Mariana Leñero Solar

For over 17 years, Mariana Leñero has dedicated her professional life to the support of children and adolescents with learning disabilities as well as to assisting their families with advice on tools and strategies to help their children. In 1995, she founded the Centro Integra in Mexico City where she is in charge of conducting the evaluations, structuring the therapeutical programs and counseling parents and teachers. At present, Mariana is a Psychoeducational Advisor at the Learning Rights Law Center in California, a legal services nonprofit that fights for the a child´s right to education. She is in charge of teaching parents the fundamental aspects of the psychometric assessments as part of the TIGER (Training Individuals for Grass Roots Education Reform) program.

Terese Aceves

Dr. Terese Aceves found her professional calling when, as an  undergraduate psychology major at UC Berkeley, she participated ‌in an intern program involving pediatric inpatients at a local psychiatric facility. “These kids were not allowed to have access to books, games, artwork, or toys, even when interns worked in the unit,” Aceves says. “They lived in a mostly sterile and cold environment. Seeing that motivated me to explore how kids with special needs are treated, and what professionals can do to provide them with appropriate supports and educational experiences.
After obtaining her master’s degree and general education, special education and resource specialist credentials at Loyola Marymount University, Aceves took a position as a bilingual resource specialist, located in a predominantly low-income community of Los Angeles. Through her experience in the classroom, she became interested in learning more about how to provide additional support for children with disabilities, particularly in the area of reading. She decided to pursue research in that area at UC Santa Barbara, where she completed her doctoral studies.



This has been a wonderful learning experience for me. Thank you for offering this tremendous resource for the community.

2015 TIGER Student

When one does not understand do not be afraid to ask for help… Knowledge is power!

2016 TIGER Student

I believe that this class and the instructors were excellent.

2016 TIGER Student



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