How To Use – Secret Functions ZOOM Cloud Meetings Application On Android That Will Blow Your Mind | 2021.

Now, you need to press the Schedule button to schedule your meeting. Now, you’ll get the homescreen from where you need to click the Schedule button to schedule a meeting. Sign in to the app using your existing credentials or make a new account.

On this page, you can see the total number of participants and time spent in the session. Clicking on the link under the Participants column will provide more detail (student’s names, the time accessed, how long in session, etc). Breakout rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting up into mini-sessions. You can choose to split the participants of the meeting into these separate sessions automatically or manually and can switch between sessions at any time. Either you or your co-host can start the local recording, depending on if you want the recording saved on your device or your co-host’s.

From The Zoom App

Just tap the Record button at the bottom of your screen and click where you want to save the video. Afterwards, you can access the video and any others you recorded by logging into your account and going to the My Recordings page. If there are multiple people trying to give a presentation or get their points across, test out Zoom’s multi screen-share feature. That way, more than one person can share their screen in a meeting — it’s perfect if you’re trying to compare documents or complement each other’s points. Just make sure that the host clicks on the arrow icon to the right of the Share Screen option and turns on the “Multiple participants can share simultaneously option.” for many users looking for a straightforward way to catch up with colleagues, friends and relatives during the lockdown.

  • You can host up to 100 people on a call and you can see as many as 49 people at a time in the Gallery view mode.
  • The Bates experts give advice to high schoolers worried that the activity section of their college application has taken a hit during the pandemic.
  • These days, many individuals facing long days without contact with friends and family have moved to Zoom for face-to-face and group get-togethers.
  • Business and IT leaders should be patient with people struggling to learn, but they should also be aware of the tools available to help them take charge and run more effective meetings.

These include the Audio Plan, for making phoning into meetings easier, and the Additional Cloud Recording Storage plan, to keep more meeting records if your conferences tend to last a while. Standard Zoom phone call download ZOOM Cloud Meetings rates apply to Zoom Phone pricing for all plans in the table above, except for the “Unlimited Calling” plan . It’s possible that Zoom’s marketing could be considered an unfair or deceptive trade practice that would run afoul of the Federal Trade Commission. In 2014, both Fandango and Credit Karma settled charges with the FTC after failing to properly implement SSL encryption for processing credit card information, despite their security promises. This left customer’s personal data vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.


You can use your contacts, email, or click Copy Link to get a URL to send manually. There are several options for Zoom meetings as you can see in the screenshot below. We will explain each starting from left to right. While the email contains a link to your recording details and a shareable link to your recording, we recommend instead following the steps below to share your Cloud Recording. After Zoom has finished processing your recording, you will receive an email notification.