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However, PC novices are not the only ones who can benefit from this software. Since maintaining drivers can take a great deal of time and effort, experienced PC users will appreciate the added convenience that DriverScanner 2017 provides. The wide-ranging appeal, solid design and a bargain price all combine to make the best police scanner on the market right now. Many people, as we’ll discuss below, want a scanner for professional reasons.

Many people however simply enjoy listening to the action on a police and fire scanner. It can really give you a better understanding your local community as well as the work of the dedicated men and women who go out there to protect it. The simple answer to this question is, if you want to have a police scanner, then why the heck not? As we’ll explore in more detail below, providing you are using it properly it is entirely legal to own and uses a scanner – so again, if you want one, then get one.


Local Priority – There are a lot of radio frequencies out there. Selecting a scanner that will give priority to local radio signals makes it easier to find and listen to local source radio transmissions. That generally is what most people want to hear – they want the local police department, not the police three towns away.

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DriverScanner provides users with a fully functional driver-restore feature. It creates a restore point each and every time a new driver is installed.

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Either way, they’re all great resources for driver downloads especially if you’re looking to download drivers for older hardware. As a general rule, it is best to keep up-to-date drivers installed to maximize system performance. In some cases, however, the latest drivers may cause system instability and other problems. When this happens, it is nice to have an easy way to restore the drivers that were previously installed.

  • After configuring Master settings for the batch scan and initializing the scanner, you can scan holder after holder of images.
  • The Batch utility is accessed through the Launch utility, which also provides access to the Easy Scan and Scan utilities.
  • And bumping up the contrast clipped our shadow detail a bit more than we like.

Thanks to this feature, driver-related problems can be resolved quickly and easily, even by PC novices. To test DriverScanner’s ignore-driver feature while running the driver-update process, we removed one of these drivers from the update list. When we moved forward with the driver-update process, the excluded driver was successfully ignored while the other drivers were updated. To determine whether or not our system’s out-of-date drivers had been updated successfully, we ran another driver scan. This time around, the driver scan reported that all of our drivers were up to date. Once we had DriverScanner installed, it automatically ran a driver scan.

As with the installation process, it was almost fully automated, and it took less than a minute to complete. The scan determined that 5 of our system’s drivers were out of date. Clicking on an out-of-date driver presented us with a lot of useful information, including the hardware’s manufacturer, the driver’s date of release, and the version of the driver. Below the information concerning the outdated driver, the same type of information was listed for the new driver, which was certainly helpful. Uniblue DriverScanner 2017 is perfect for those who have a difficult time understanding how to maintain drivers.