Chapter 2 Exam Answers 2019Ccna2 V6 zero

why are the pings from pc0 to server0 not successful? represents the following-hop IP tackle used to reach the hundred.64 community. is the default route used to send packets when a vacation why are the pings from pc0 to server0 not successful? spot community isn’t listed within the routing table. By default, dynamic routing protocols forward messages throughout a network without authenticating the receiver or originator of visitors.

Ccna2 V6.0 Chapter 2 Exam Answers 2019

An autonomous system boundary router has interfaces assigned to OSPF and a special routing protocol such as EIGRP or BGP. A virtual hyperlink is utilized when an area doesn’t have a direct connection to space zero. A digital %keywords% link is established between an area border router for an area that isn’t linked to area zero, and an area border router for an space that’s connected to area zero.

Within every campus, there could also be a number of routers, interconnected by Ethernets, FDDI, and different high-speed links. However, the link between the campuses may well be a 56 kbps WAN hyperlink. If the 2 campuses have separate community tackle spaces, it’s unlikely that the routes between the campuses will change. The normal case is that inside community operation is stable.

What Is A Characteristic Of A Static Route That Matches All Packets?

The present ipv6 route command proven in Example 1-19 is used to verify that IPv6 networks and specific IPv6 interface addresses have been installed in the IPv6 routing table. Like IPv4, a ‘C’ next to a route indicates that this can be a instantly connected network. Local routes are utilized %keywords% by the routing desk to efficiently process packets with a destination handle of the interface of the router. A final drawback with our multi-campus hybrid routing scheme occurs when the inter-campus hyperlink moves between routers.

Ip Route 5

The gateway of final resort is the IP tackle of 209.a hundred sixty five.200.226. The router is aware of that is an IP handle that is related to the 209.a hundred sixty why are the pings from pc0 to server0 not successful? five.200.224 network. The router then proceeds to transmit the packet out the Serial0/zero/zero interface, or the interface that’s related to hundred sixty five.200.224.

Totally stubby areas are a Cisco specification that uses a default route for inter-area and external destinations. The ABR doesn’t send or receive external or inter-area LSA’s. The not-so-stubby area ABR will promote external routes with sort 7 LSA.

  • Each ip route assertion defines a static route to the vacation spot indicated by the network quantity and mask by means of the router IP address listed.
  • Each configuration begins by giving the router a reputation, and then defines an IP handle and subnet mask for every of the router’s interfaces.
  • For example, on Router2, the second Ethernet interface (ethernet 1) is assigned the IP address 172.sixteen.three.1, and the netmask
  • For instance, the primary ip route assertion in Router3’s configuration defines a route to, with a masks of ( by way of the router at 172.sixteen.3.1.
  • But the configurations go on to outline static routes exhibiting the way to reach networks connected to the other routers.
  • If the configurations stopped here, each router would have entries in its routing table for the networks connected to its own interfaces, and no others.

Which IOS troubleshooting commands can help to isolate problems with a static route?

Which three IOS troubleshooting commands can help to isolate problems with a static route? (Choose three.) The ping, show ip route, and show ip interface brief commands provide information to help troubleshoot static routes.

Another benefit of utilizing static routes in your access networks is management. Depending on the construction of your community administration, you won’t have the ability to management what happens in entry networks. These may be handled by departmental LAN coordinators that don’t report back to you.

OSPF defines inner routers, backbone routers, space border routers (ABR) and autonomous system boundary routers (ASBR). Area border routers have interfaces which might be assigned to more than one area similar to space zero and space 10.

What is the correct syntax of a floating static route?

What is the correct syntax of a floating static route? Floating static routes are used as backup routes, often to routes learned from dynamic routing protocols. To be a floating static route, the configured route must have a higher administrative distance than the primary route.

Two of the routing table entries shown are static routes to a particular destination (the network). The entry that has the S denoting a static route and [1/zero] was configured utilizing the following-hop tackle. The different entry (S is directly related, Serial zero/0/zero) is a static route configured using the exit interface. The entry with the route is a default static route which is used to ship packets to any vacation spot community that isn’t particularly listed within the routing table.

To implement static routing, you would wish to compute the following hop for each network phase for each router, or greater than 2,four hundred routes! As you can see, the task of precomputing routing tables shortly turns into a burden, and is prone to errors.

Refer To The Exhibit. The Routing Table For R2 Is As Follows:

What are two advantages of static routing over dynamic routing choose two?

Static routing uses fewer router resources than dynamic routing. Static routing is relatively easy to configure for large networks. Static routing is more secure because it does not advertise over the network.

Routers operating IOS launch 15 have link native routing desk entries for each IPv4 and IPv6. The number of both IPv6 routes and IPv4 routes is based on the longest matching prefix.