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Liking content also works like bookmarking, since you can go back later to view the content you have Liked. Impressions is a metric that counts how many times an ad or promoted posts is fetched from the server and displayed on a social network. For example, one social media user might have the same ad appear in their newsfeed multiple times over a certain period. A feed is an updated list of all the new content posted by the accounts a user follows on social media. Rather than being purely chronological, most social media feeds are controlled by an algorithm. A social media dashboard is a tool that allows marketers and social media managers to manage all of their social platforms from one screen. A dashboard allows its users to schedule, post, view, and respond to both organic and paid social posts, and to create analytics reports.

Post karma is earned from upvotes on the posts you share in subreddits. As your karma increases, so does your influence on the site. The more karma you have, the more seriously other users will take you. Due to the anonymity, Reddit uses “karma” to establish the credibility of users. Every user’s profile reddit glossary shows the number of karma points they’ve accrued. What’s more, it’s common for users to have a couple of “main” accounts and several “throwaway accounts” they use for specific situations or subreddits. For example, it’s okay to post a shameless selfie or a picture of your breakfast on Instagram.

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Scheduling involves planning social media updates and content ahead of time using a social media management platform or other publishing tool. Scheduling saves time by allowing users to draft several messages at once, often as part of a publishing approval process or larger marketing campaign. It also enables posts to be timed for audiences in various time zones. A geotag is a specific location added reddit glossary to a photo, video, or other social media post. Geotags can expose your posts to more people, since content is often searchable by location. Engagement rate is a measure of how many people interact with your social media content. There are several ways to calculate engagement rate, but all aim to calculate what percentage of people who were exposed to a post chose to engage with it in some way.

EDIT – Indicates someone has changed their comment after first posting it. Usually followed by additional text, reddit glossary responses to subsequent comments, or explanations of why they edited their comment and what they changed.


A tag is a keyword added to a social media post to categorize content. You can also tag someone in a post or photo, which creates a link to their social media profile and associates them with the content. Users have the option to remove unwanted tags from their profile.

The term “wignat” refers to a white nationalist who is inferior or degenerate, implying that they are no better than an African American in the alt-right’s view. It is used reddit glossary for example by the polo-shirt set of racists to criticize skinheads, Klansmen, and other “less reputable” racists who puncture the movement’s veneer of reputability.

This phrase is repeated in a mocking sense ad nauseam in online forums and social media circles frequented by the alt-right and neoreactionaries whenever a “woke” venture goes “broke”. Interestingly, users of this phrase seem to stay quiet when woke ventures succeed. Amerikaner (portmanteau of ‘Afrikaner’ and ‘American’) is a term used in some alt-right circles to refer to all white Americans as reddit glossary having the same ancestry. It also refers to the alleged white genocide of Afrikaners at the hands of black South Africans in post-Apartheid South Africa, which is a major concern of the alt-right. The implication is of course that a similar “fate” is awaiting white Americans if they do not act. User-generated content is content created by the regular people on social media, rather than brands.

So I guess I would list non-reddit-specific terms if they have specific meanings/uses within Reddit. Forever alone – Someone with no significant other and little-to-no social skills, and perhaps also simply unattractive. The term originally comes from the the giant walking trees in Lord Of The Rings .

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A check-in is a way of location tagging a social media post to indicate where the user is, or where the content in the post was created. It’s a way of showing followers that you have physically visited a geographical location or event. It can be particularly useful to check in at large, high-profile events, since it can help people connect in the real world while also providing credibility and demonstrating that you’re an insider in your industry. A white person who appears to emulate aspects of – often stereotypical – African American culture. It was initially used strictly in a cultural sense in the 1990s.

Shoah (“catastrophe” or “calamity”) is the Hebrew term used since the 1940s to describe the Holocaust. Alt-right website The Right Stuff has a podcast called The Daily Shoah, its name being both a play on The Daily Show and a deliberately offensive reference to the Holocaust. In alt-right circles, shoahed or shoah’d essentially means “shut down”, and usually refers to the suspension of an alt-righter’s social media account. Pridefall, often preceded by a hashtag symbol (#), was an alt-right campaign begun in June 2020, coinciding with that year’s Pride Month, aimed against LGBTQ+ social media users. The links, if clicked, could reveal the IP addresses of members of sexual minorities. This information could then be used for doxing or other targeted harassment.

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It is increasingly used moronically ironically to refer to white people who hate African American culture, or African Americans in general. It is also used in compound forms, such as “wignat” (“wigger nationalist”), indistinguishable in practice from “white nationalist”, especially since the Clown World motif came into use.

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Reach refers to the total number of people who have been exposed to a social post or ad. This metric does not necessarily indicate that all of these people have actually seen your content. Reach simply indicates that the content appeared in the user’s social feed at least once. A pinned post is a social media post saved to the top of your page or profile reddit glossary on Facebook or Twitter. Pinning a post is a great way to feature an important announcement or highlight some of your best content. News feed is the Facebook term for the screen that shows all the latest updates posted by people the user follows. Native advertising is a type of social media ad that matches the style and format of an organic post.

  • The meme culminated in a flood of spam accounts and bots on Twitter, each one having a username like “NPC ” and the same grey avatar or the Wojak avatar, posting typical straw men arguments of the left.
  • The Wojak avatar originated in 2018 on 4chan in an attempt to dehumanize SJWs.
  • The boards’ stated purpose is “discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.” More accurately, /pol/ would be described as a cesspool of hate.
  • The board’s users have started “red-pilling” pranks and hoaxes such as the #EndFathersDay false flag Twitter campaign and the smear campaign against cartoonist Ben Garrison.
  • The alt-right has used the boards since it has been one of the few places where they can hear about world events from the perspective of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, racists and conspiracy theorists.
  • Pol (“politically incorrect”), or /pol/, is the name of two political discussion boards on 4chan (4chan#/pol/) and 8chan (8chan#/pol/), respectively.

The Khazars were a Turkic tribe, who, per some legends, adopted Judaism. The degree to which the speaker genuinely cares about the genetic origins of modern Jewish people varies by religiosity, but even non-religious alt-righters will use it simply because they like belittling people. The phrase Get woke, go broke is a right-wing form of schadenfreude, specifically directed at media or cultural ventures that lose money and/or popularity when they become (if they weren’t already) woke.