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This also includes me asking for honest and open feedback from all the stakeholders. The other takeaway is constant collaboration and consistency. I think one of the main things that I need to do with the students that I work with is to make them feel as comfortable as possible with online work, and adding this to the discussion part of our online meetings. I must be adaptable, patient, and ready to offer alternative solutions for items or lessons that need to be “tweaked”. I’ve been an all-online high school teacher for 5 years and am currently earning a masters in Online Instruction.

Feedback is so important in this environment and it’s nice to know that there are other avenues to do that like Floop which I had not heard of before. This is such a stressful time for all teachers so we need help like this continuously throughout the school year. I work with younger students and it is hard for them during this time. I feel that during this upcoming school year I really need the parents and students to understand my beliefs and philosophies on lifelong learning. This is going to be done through diligent communications with parents, students, and fellow teachers.

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Teachers are being asked to post their "flexible learning options" on Schoology, the district’s online learning management system, and be available for remote office hours to work with students. The district has said that education specialists will provide support to secondary students on Individualized Education Plans through office hours on Schoology.

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District officials are distributing iPads for kindergarten and first grade students and Chromebooks for grades two through five at each school’s front office. Hillview Middle School students will continue using their assigned iPads. Some students and parents have voiced concern about the lack of consistency in distance learning at this time, particularly for high school students. Secondary school students are being asked to complete about one hour of work per class for the week — a number that will increase next week.

Sharing these screen captures online “is a horrible idea that violates a lot of best vpn for mac social media policies,” says Vance. That could mean a school has as little as 25 percent of its normal capacity in the building at once, which would give students more space for social distancing in their classrooms and in the hallways. Or schools might bring back as many as 50 percent of students and staff at one time — something Broward County, Florida, envisions with the hybrid model it has proposed for its school year starting Aug. 19. I feel so much better after reading Melanie’s tips for successful online learning.